• Hi, I was really looking to get Bubs reflux controlled before starting on medication..where are you based? I am looking for a Chiropractor if we are based same place I can use a reference

    Kavita Tiwari
  • Thank you for this blog. My 4 weeks old little boy is suffering from silent reflux. Even I wasn’t looking forward to giving him allopathic medicine. I always look for natural medicine and that’s how I stumbled upon your blog. Homeopathy medicine works wonders. I had a normal easy delivery thanks to homeopathy. I am gonna try this cell salt you’re mentioning. Fingers crossed my LO feels better soon. :)

  • Genevieve, thanks for the info. We have a 7 week old baby boy, Joshua; who has been spitting up/vomiting pretty consistently. This is somewhat normal for infants but it’s accompanied by more symptoms and the poor little guy is in pain and fussy a lot of the time. We are taking him to a chiropractor who is working to adjust him to help with digestion. We eat all organic and avoid pharmaceutical meds at all costs. I am interested in learning more about the cell salts. Do you have a brand name I can research.? Also and other natural remedies that you can suggest? Thanks for your help.

  • My Betsy was born & 34 weeks and two days this August. Weighing in at 4.9# baby number 5 quickly had me feeling like a fist time mom;). Yikes, new appreciation for premature babies and moms! After 6 days in nicu and 3 days in my hospital room we heading home. Betsy was gaining weight like a champ. Check ups we going well. After about six weeks at home I was realizing Betsy was having trouble. Trouble nursing from the start, although I new nursing was going to be at her pace due to tube feedings and bottles in nicu and hospital we needed to come home a really get to know each other without the wires and alarms and extra helpers all around. So thankful for my nursing crew at the hospital, they were fabulous. Yet home is home and my comfy robe awaited me along with my own bed and room💗. Nursing nipple shields helped her convert some of the time from bottle to breast . It was (Is) a struggle, she just knows bottle is faster:/. Even so these were my first signs noticing Betsy was struggling with something that made her uncomfortable. Wiggly and stiff after bottle or breast feedings I would wrap her up in my Moby and wait for her relief. No burps follows by curds of breast milk. Almost looked like cottage cheese. Sometimes it was clear in appearance more like breast milk. Sometimes coming out the nose. Holding Betsy up was my only option. One time I layer her on her back in her bassinet to QUICKLY go to the bathroom. I mean quick ( honestly I came back to her with my drawers 1/2 way up. I knew she was sleeping when I laid her down , I also knew she hadn’t gotten all her burps out yet before she fell asleep, I just had to go to the bathroom really bad. Any ways When I came to pick Betsy up again she was in a full on choke. I picked her up, noticed she had projected spit up on wall and side of bassinet. I immediately started praying. She wasn’t breathing her arms were stiff in the air. I tried to find my bulb to remove whatever was hindering her from breathing. Long story longer my husband called 911 and by the time the got to us Betsy had a low inconsistent raspy breathing pattern. The team assessed her treatment with Albuterol. She had aspirated. Left lung was clicking and we took a trip to er in the ambulance.
    I was vigilant about holding Betsey up taking her with me only. I knew she needed more than a feed a burp and diaper change and naps. Ever try the upright diaper change on a newborn:/! Upright everything really changing clothes which was multiple times a day due to sour Breast milk . She gave was giving us a choke scare Once a week not quite like the 911 call day. Still very scary. We start chiropractor care because that’s what our family does. Betsy was first adjusted at three weeks. Not specifically for reflux ( didn’t suspect that at the time) cerebral and body adjustments. I new this was important for her. We use a product called tummy calm, homeopathic. It seemed to help a bit. Betsy stomach would rumble I could feel it from her spine in her chest and by her bowels. Really like her whole midsection would rumble. She would arch and skin would blotchy fore head clammy, breathing would sound raspy or like phlegm in her air way. Rough really rough. I was her full time care taker, not that I didn’t share her Betsy and I just new what needed to be done to try not to choke that day. Tired late sore from caring holding wearing sleeping upright with Bets I wept and prayed. Help me LORD help Betsy. Next morning my husband found Hyland 6x cell salt on you website. You had been where I was. I leaned in and said honey pleas order that salt. Monday I had an appointment at a natural path doctor and Monday my cell salt arrived in the mail. It is now Tuesday. Oh btw i also decreased Betsy portions and tried feeding more frequently it help a bit too. This day Tuesday after using cell salt under tongue after feeds Betsy has fallen asleep two times in a cradle position. I am so thankful. This is just the beginning I believe . She breast feed for the first time in a week and 1/2. Thank you so much for writing your experiences down. Betsy thanks you too. We had more smiles today than in quite a while. Praise Jesus 💗.

  • Thank you so much for this well informed post. I’ve been getting so frustrated and worried about my 2 month old and I knew it wasn’t just colic. I’ve been doing a lot of research and feel like I’ve finally got the help I needed, especially because I prefer the more natural approach. I even want to try a chiropractor as I had a very traumatic delivery with my son. I feel like I finally got some help I feel relieved thank you.


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