• Hi there,

    My 9 week old just suddenly started to spit up more and I’m some cases vomit right after feeding. With this post, are you referring to GER or regular acid reflux? The symptoms sound similar and just wanted to confirm.

    Thank you

  • Hi there..my baby is turning 2mnth Oct.2nd..since she was 1wk..i noticed her moving and twigling like a lil worm..she would arch her back when we would put her to burb…she doesnt spit up nor vomit nor diarreah..she is not gassy..doctor says is just colic and so im giving her the gripe water drops..im breastfeeding and formula…im confused if she does have the acid reflux or even if shes lactose..doctor continues to say its just colic..!..please help..!

    Maria Yera
  • I just purchased the cell salt for my baby. Did you also give it after night feedings?

    Melissa Lustgarten
  • This post helped me a ton. Thanks a lot.
    I looked a lot on the internet about Baby reflux and it’s remedies and found nothing that was completely informative but you have explained it in simple language and everything that I needed to know.

  • Thank you for this very informative post on infant acid reflux. As a new mom, I fret over everything every time my baby cries. I believe she has acid reflux and I’m glad I found your article. To be honest, I myself am experiencing acid reflux and it’s probably because I am overweight. I read this article here about home remedies for heartburn relief and I think I’m going to try some of the tips. If anyone else is curious, check it out: https://westwoodwellness.com/heartburn-relief/


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