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what's hiccapop?

hiccapop started out of Stanford University with one goal in mind...bringing innovation to children's related products. we operate on a not-so-classic b2b ("bump to baby") business platform. by partnering with some of the finest young design talent in america, hiccapop is helping bring innovation, sophistication and affordable elegance to today's modern parent. that's hiccapop!

and here's how we're doing it...

by finding solutions to age-old problems, fixing them, and then making them look really cool. modern parenting is already expensive and stressful, so that's why hiccapop focuses only on products that are accessibly priced, solve nagging problems and make parenting easier in return. so please give us a try, and if you like us, do us a favor and spread the word to your friends. and if you find that you don't care for us, please don't say anything. 


come join us. it's fun...

we partner with top bloggers to keep our hiccapoppers "in the know" about the newest parenting trends, fun tips and new products (not just ours) that we think they might like. we may even discuss some of our favorite wines, as nothing is off limits at hiccapop. we believe laughter is an instant vacation, and who doesn't need a vacation?  so if you would like to travel with us, we'd love to have you along for the ride.

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