Our Story

So - who’s hiccapop? In short, we’re a devoutly irreverent group of daydreamers and design engineers working to invent cutting edge baby and toddler products to make YOUR life a lot easier.  


Let’s face it - having children isn’t easy.  It’s expensive, time consuming, and worst of all, it generally involves a minivan with stained carpets and a “Baby-On-Board” decal stuck to the rear window.  It’s also a rewarding time when you start to think that perhaps your parents’ rules maybe DID make sense after all.  But however rewarding, it regrettably takes a few years for most children to finally understand that Windex isn’t Gatorade and that “poop jokes” really aren’t that funny. 


So it’s during those “special” years that hiccapop comes in. We can’t stop a lot of the natural stuff from happening, but we can ensure that things are smoother for you by offering incredible products that are GUARANTEED to make your parenting journey painless.  Okay, that was a stretch, but after all - we’re trying to sell you our stuff.                 


Oh yeah - what’s with the hiccapop name?  Well - growing up, one of our grandmas used to say, “You’ve got the hiccapops!” whenever her grandkids had hiccups.  We thought it sounded cute, plus, GoDaddy only charged us $10 for the URL.      

Now, it’s seven years later, and hiccapop is arguably the largest selling baby & toddler brand on the internet. So, to all the millions of parents and grandparents out there who have supported us so generously over these past years, thanks!  Without you, there’d be no hiccapop.