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We have a passion to reach as many young families as possible. From bump to baby and beyond, hiccapop is working to make pregnancy and parenting easier.

That's why we need you.

At hiccapop, we work tirelessly to design and produce products that our customers rave about. Our Amazon ratings speak for themselves which is why we're confident that your audience will love them too.

Help us spread some hiccaLove and bring more hiccapoppers into the fold.


Common Collaboration Channels


  • Youtube 
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook  
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Blogs - Guest blogger or your own


Collaboration Goals

There are 3 main purposes behind the collaborations that we target.

Audience Building - We are constantly building our audience of hiccapoppers through our own channels (FB, Instagram, email marketing)

Product Launches - Introducing new products into the market is challenging and there is no better way to unveil a new product than through you and your audience. 

Brand Recognition - We want hiccapop to become a household name. That means we need your enthusiasm for hiccapop products as a brand ambassador. 

Collaboration Strategies

Contests/Giveaways - Contests are a fantastic way to get engagement with your audience through social shares, following, tagging friends, and opting in via customized landing pages like this... Wipe Warmer Contest  We run contests for single products, multiple products or multi-winner contests depending on the size of your audience. This strategy is a beautiful way to grow your audience and ours.

Un-boxing | Launch Discounts - Unveiling new products to your audience and offering a large discount provides immense value for your audience and helps us drive traffic to our products in order to quickly get it into the hands of new users. We always ask that you encourage your audience to leave a product review on Amazon as this is the true currency that generates consistent sales. These are typically time sensitive and may require release date planning.

Blogging - Are you a blogger?  We love partnering with bloggers. Do you have your own blog or would you like to be a guest blogger on hiccapoppers love great content about pregnancy, babies, parenting and toddlers. All of our blogs end up in our evergreen email sequence that every new email contact receives. If you have your own large audience of blog followers, we'd love to be featured in your blog, too.

Let's work together...

Must have a minimum of 2000 followers in any one medium (IG, FB, SC, etc.)

Don't have 2000 followers in the other media?  We work with Youtubers with a minimum of 500 subscribers.

Contact us at

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Please include:

  1. Your Social Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blog site, etc.)
  2. Direct links to each of your channels.
  3. The number of followers, subscribers, average post views, etc. for each channel.
  4. If you have a media link or data sheet about your reach, please include that. 


We'll reach out to you within a few days of receiving your email.

Thanks for your interest in spreading the the hiccaLove!