Become a hiccapop Product Tester - 50% off Rebates

As hiccapop continues to grow and launch awesome new products, we need help getting the word out about every new product.

How it works...

1. We'll email you a link when the product is ready for purchase and rebates are available.
2. Verify your email address and phone number at the link.
3. You'll be asked to find the product on Amazon.   
4. Purchase the product at full price.
5. Once the product ships, you'll receive a rebate link via email for the 50% discount (This is all handled through our rebate partner so it's seamless).
6. After you've received your product and had a chance to use it, we would appreciate it if you left us a product review on Amazon so that others can hear from real users.
If this sounds like a great way to save 50%, simply fill out the form above and we'll add you to the product tester launch list.
We limit the number of daily rebates, so there may be times when you must wait until the following day to get the next round of available rebates, but don't worry, you'll receive a reminder email.