Bed Bumper for Toddlers

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Hey! Are you also tired of old school metal bed rails?

Your toddler doesn't need a prison....just a gentle reminder that they are close to the edge of the bed.

Don't worry, we aren't using dangerous flame retardants. We use non-toxic foam and cover it with a water-resistant cover...the only thing you should be worrying about is actually getting them to sleep!

The Perfect Height

Active toddlers and children (even future NFL stars) cannot easily roll out of a hiccapop-protected bed...

Easy to Install

Put the hiccapop side rail underneath fitted sheets and forget about it! Seriously. It will rest upon your mattress and be held in place by the sheets. Ease of installation is a big focal point for us at hiccapop. However, please DO NOT use on bunk beds or lofts.


Interaction With Your Child

Sit on the guard rail while reading a story to your children. Might as well start preparing them for college applications, right? 


Product Specifics

Our bumper is 52" long, 7'' wide, and 4.5'' high. Also, the machine-washable cover can be cleaned with a rag and appropriate cleaner.


Avoid Expensive and Inconvenient Bed Rails

Not only are bed rails expensive, they are incredibly heavy and hard to store. The hiccapop foam bed rail takes only a couple minutes to install and won't hurt your back during setup. Once your child outgrows the bed rail, simply take it out, roll it up and store it in a closet. You can even roll it up to take on trips.

Whether or not you buy anything, we thank you for even spending 3 minutes of your day considering us. Trust us, we don't take that for granted.

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Margaret K.
United States United States
Love all your products!

We've had a great experience with all of the hiccapop products we have. These bumpers are soft and stay in place very well. Our son sometimes uses them as a pillow in his sleep.

Cathy D.
United States United States
Great bed bumper so kids don't fall out of bed

I really like this bed bumper - I bought two of them because of the make of our daughter's twin sized bed. It doesn't sit flush against the wall, there is a gap and she is small so I wanted something to wedge against the wall so her little leg or arm wouldn't fall down and get stuck. My only complaint is that it can move around but that's not really a big deal. It is attached to fabric so you can lay it out on the bed. But all in all a minor thing to keep my daughter safe in bed. She used to have a Doc-A-Tot when she was a baby and this is similar to that, she can turn around and sleep sideways and be cushioned.

Katie S.
United States United States
Great product!!

Fast shipping and perfect for my baby or toddler.

Leslie S.
United States United States
great bed rail for todder

We have the regular safety rail, and the travel inflatable safety rail. The travel rail is not as great, seems to not stay inflated as long. But to have it to travel with I can't complain about it to much. We love these so much!

Erin M.
United States United States

We started our toddler with one of the traditional rails that goes under the mattress. It worked, but we hated it, especially when we laid down with him to read and would then try to sneak out of the bed. These are just as effective at keeping him in the bed but SO much easier for adults to get/out. You can now sit on the edge of the bed and roll out sneakily to keep the little one asleep!

Dana B.
United States United States
Great bumper pad

We use these to put in between the bed and the wall. We don't have little ones that are using them but adults. One has her bed up against the wall and has stuff fall between the bed and the wall so we got this and she uses it. Works great. They are made well. Not sure if they make ones that are shorter in length but that would be great if they do. These can have a number of uses if you think outside the box.

Angela F.
United States United States
Smell/off gassing for 3 months

The product worked well but I just discovered it was the source of the foam off-gassing smell I noticed every morning in my daughters room. Frustrating to say the least— I tried contacting hiccapop a week ago but still no response.

Melissa C.
United States
Great product, just what we needed.

My daughter just transitioned to a queen bed from the crib. She moves a lot in her sleep and these hiccapop bed rails are perfect! I didn’t want something that needed installation or an eyesore in her room. We love them.

Grace E.
United States
Highly recommend!

I recently purchased this for my 2 yo daughter who transitioned from her crib to a twin sized bed, and they are PERFECT! They don’t take up too much of her bed and they keep her right where she needs to be! I can tell she feels safe and secure snuggled in between them. They’re waterproof, but when you open the package don’t have that chemical smell waterproof products often have.

Great product!!!

Easy to use, safe and they work perfectly for my little ones.