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  • I’ve really seen all sides of recovery after giving birth with all of my children. Firstly, my son was all natural and I tore and needed stitches. That wasn’t terrible, but inconvenient. With my second child, I had a very close call with my life, and hers, where an emergency c-section was the only option. I wasn’t numb at the time of the removal so it was extremely traumatizing. The aftermath and recovery time was extensive with unbearable pain; I didn’t take care of myself after the surgery, mentally or physically, so I suffered depression and PTSD. My next birth was vbac, vaginal after cesarean- and the next as well. Both went rather smoothly and all I needed were ice packs and Tylenol. I’m expecting my 5th and last child in February, with all Hope in another successful vbac.

    Jayla green

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