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Hey there!

This page is to highlight the overly-eager gen Z'ers who work on hiccapop's philanthropic initiative. This is where they will keep us updated on all their progress. 

From the team:

"hiccapop has been lucky enough to grow fast since Day 1. We noticed, though, that as we were growing, the amount of units being returned started going up a lot...just because we were selling so many more units! We chose not to resell returned product though, as we think it's cheesy. So we were throwing away all our perfectly good (but slightly used) product. Literally! So we figured there HAD to be a philanthropy of young women, orphanages, or family shelters that could use our products."



If you know of a philanthropy that could use extra baby products (a family shelter, for example), then please email us at press@hiccapop.com. We are always looking to help more organizations.