Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

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Groan… grunt… rollover… repeat. Sound familiar? 

It took a few months and a lot of dead ends, but we eventually came up with something we're proud of. We think it's the most versatile, compact, deluxe pregnancy wedge pillow available.

Our Dual-Layer Design offers a soft memory foam layer on one side, and a firm layer on the other. As your needs and desires shift from moment to moment, simply flip it over to regain maximum comfort.

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Janiece W.
United States United States

A Good Gift To Yourself

This has been a great pillow! I am in my first pregnancy and I bought this at about 9 weeks in and have slept with it every night since. It was the first pregnancy gift I bought myself. I'm now up to 21 weeks and will continue to use it I imagine even after delivery. It supports my growing belly and supports my back when sitting. I like the option of the firm and soft sides and the material is really nice, I would think that it would be nice for people not pregnant too. Also it's one of the most affordable wedge pillows I've seen out there so another star for that! 

Kayley K.
United States United States

Saved my pregnancy

Are use this every night of my pregnancy… Love it so much. It works great for in between the legs now that I’m not pregnant and even when my toddler is sick it’s nice for her to lay on to the elevate her head. You can’t go wrong with this bad boy.

Marina F.
United States United States


I’ve just received this as a gift and find it super comfortable to use as a wedge between my legs when I sleep at night. Hoooowever, I feel like I have an allergic response to the material. My inner thighs are so itchy. I can’t find any other reason. The itchiness goes from the inside of my knee all the way up, exactly where the pillow touches. I wonder if that’s happened to anyone else?

Nessa R.
United States United States


This is a must have no matter what stage you are in pregnancy. I’m in my first trimester and I have the worst breast pain and sensitivity. I sleep with this wedged under my breast and it helps so much!

Christina M.
United States United States

So helpful!

I absolutely loved my wedge pillow! I used it everyday of my pregnancy and would even take it in the car for long drives. It really helped my back and as I got bigger it supported my giant belly! I have recommended it to all of my pregnant friends too. :)

Magda R.
United States United States

Love it!!

This pillow was a life saver during my pregnancy, specially during the last trimester. My baby is 3 months old and I'm still using it every day. Its shape makes it very versatile. I use it as a back and head support, as a breastfeeding support, and I even use it to prop the baby to help with his reflux. The material feels really soft, and the travel bag makes it easy to carry it. Highly recommended!!

United States United States

Fantastic Gift! Score one for the Husband!

I am 25 weeks pregnant. I was constantly tossing and turning throughout the night. I just couldn’t ever seem to get comfortable. I have the big U-shaped pregnancy pillow but it’s so bulky, it gives me a kink in my neck after sleeping with it. I also have a normal, old college body pillow, but it’s probably way past it’s prime, it just doesn’t support pregnant me like you think it would. My husband noticed my discomfort and gave me the hiccapop wedge as an early Christmas present. All I can say is WOW! It’s amazing how such a small thing can make such a big impact. It started out behind me as instant relief on my back in bed while I settled in for the night. Then when I was ready to sleep, I rolled over on my side and slid it under my belly. It’s also easy to move with when rolling over. Seriously, the best sleep ever! I mean I still have many bathroom breaks (that’s the pregnant life) but it was so easy to fall back into a good slumber once I crawled back into bed. I definitely recommend this is all the pregnant ladies out there.

United States United States


It’s been wonderful to have! I use it in addition to my pregnancy pillow and I am finally able to get some sleep!

United States United States

Works great.. just wish it was a little longer

I love the idea of just the wedge under my baby bump. I just wish it was a bit longer width wise for a little more support. Overall it works well though.

Ellie G.
United States United States

Great product, unbelievable customer service!

I never leave reviews, but hiccapop has earned it. They went above and beyond to fix an issue with my order and took responsibility for a fault that wasn't even theirs. For that reason alone I will be a return customer, but the pillow itself is also worthy of the 5 stars. It's just firm enough, not too firm for my mid pregnancy belly. I bough another brand at the same time and have already sent that one back. If you're vacillating, just pull the tigger. It's so worth it! I'm sure if for some unlikely reason you're unhappy, they will make it right. Can't say that for many companies these days! Cheers!